Malibu Hydro

System Status at October 30 2018 20:21:46.

Next update in 59 minutes 56 seconds.

Changes to the computer system have broken the FTP links, no data is passing from camp now.

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MMI Screen shot - when activated

McCannel Lake Status - live data
Lake level 005.9 ft
Weir overflow 001.4 ft
Air temperature 003.5 C
Battery voltage 013.2 V
RTU up counter 156.0

Photo by Gil Dec 24

Malibu Hydro Dam Status

When battery at 11.5 volts the RTU is programmed to shut down, it is not the sensors. Off line due to ice March 2018.
Dam water level 074.5 cm
Header pipe level 043.0 cm
Filter differential 031.0 cm
Excess over flow 024.0 cm
Dam Water temp 092.0 C
Dam Air temp 009.5 C
Battery voltage 013.4 V
RTU up counter 217.0 A